2050 Final Power Consumption in China Might Be Overestimated

The prediction of total electricity consumption in China in 2050 will have a significant influence on the direction of energy investment and the path to a low-carbon energy system.


Low Carbon Strategy of China’s Transport Electrification Toward 2030

China’s carbon-intensive power system restricts the benefits brought about by transport electrification. With the decline of coal and the increase of renewable power in the energy mix, carbon reduction through … Continue Reading →


The Financing Gap of Renewable Energy Development Fund

The Renewable Energy Development Fund provides subsidies for the rapid development of China’s renewable energy


The “China Dream” of Shale Gas as a Bridge Fuel?

China has one of the largest shale gas reserves in the world, possessing up to 36 trillion cubic meters’ of exploratory reserves.


Regulation and Pricing: A Case in Power Sector Reform

In March 2015, the Chinese government issued “Opinions on Further Deepening Power System Reform”


Renewable Energy Employment:Uncertainties in the “Boosting Effcet”

China currently has high rates of employment in the conventional energy sector.